Loose Massage Therapy Plus

Our vision is to educate people about ” Personal Care” and the importance of learning to take better care of the body. and using massage therapy benefits to combat pain and stress. We offer Ongoing Deals to help our customers afford monthly massage services and include free therapeutic amenities to enhance the benefits experienced.

We are a community focused massage therapy business that educates customers on the importance of “Personal Care” and taking better care of the body. We provide effective and high quality services that focus on pain relief, stress relief, recovery, and relaxation. We include free therapeutic amenities with services to increase total value and enhance therapeutic benefits experienced. We offer the most affordable and competitive rates for 1HR, 90Min, and 2HR massage services, suggesting customers use therapeutic services at least once a month.

We deliver “Five Star” customer service and we shoe our customers consistent appreciation. We offer ongoing deals and special promotions for all customer and cater to the underserved by locking in discounted rates for veterans, the disabled, seniors, and youth. We added services, products, and goods that compliment and promote healthy life style choices. Showing why it is important to invest in what makes you feel better healthily.