FEAR: The power of a single step

Thousand milesGreetings Bobspotter family!

We want to share a few words of encouragement and uplift today. This message will apply to our conscious consumers and BOBs. Today, we are talking about the fear of change.

Let’s face it nobody likes change. It is uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, scary. There is a battle between the known and the unknown. Are we willing to move beyond our current circumstances to a newer situation that may OR may not be better for us? Quite frankly, the scariest part is the transition period. It is a place of limbo between Sight and Faith.

Why is that important to you?

We are working toward a paradigm shift within OUR community. It is scary for us and it’s probably scary for others as well. There are a lot of unknown factors that have to yet be discovered. We are walking by Faith, not by SIGHT. We are motivated by the possibilities and opportunities to see OUR community embrace OUR riches, both culturally and financially. This is what gives us courage during the transition period.

A single step followed by another….and another….and another until OUR community is better and stronger.

We want to encourage and invite you to join us on this journey. If you know of a Black Owned Business (BOB), make sure to fill out the link below. It makes OUR community stronger and YOU stronger as well.


We appreciate your feedback!  Leave your comments below.

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