Where is OUR time and money going?

facts This week I want to plant a seed. I just want to share some facts and allow you to draw your own conclusions. I will follow up next week and share my insights.

Source of information Nielsen African American Consumer Reports (2013 & 2015)



  • Black buying power is forecasted to be $1.3 Trillion by 2017.
  • Blacks commit 18% of their annual retail dollars to store brands.
  • Blacks spend nine times more than any other ethnic group on ethnic hair and beauty aids.
  • Black watch 37% more television than other ethnic group. Black women outpace Black men in this area.
  • 29.4% of the Black population is under the age of 18 compared to 24.6% of the total population and 23.3% of the white population
  • In 1976, only 41.6% of Black high school graduates were enrolled in a college university. That percentage rose to 70.9% in 2014, exceeding the rate of non-hispanic whites and the total population.
  • Real median househould income increased among Black households (+$793) than among white households (+$433) and more than the total population, according to the US Census.
  • The percentage of Black households earning $200,000+ increased 138% from 2005-2015, far outpacing the rate for the total population (74%).
  • 31 million Blacks are reached each week through radio.
  • 55% of Blacks live in the South
  • Only 3% of advertising dollars is spent with media focused on Black audiences.
  • Smartphone penetration is 83% in the Black community compared to 78% for the total population.

This is just a sample of the wealth of information shared in the Nielsen African American Consumer report.

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